Mind Valley – Heal Stress and Gain Inner Peace with Paul McKenna

During this crazy time, many companies have been putting out free material to try and help keep up the morale of the nation. Mind Valley is an American company who have created a platform for the world’s most well known healers and stress management teachers to share their ideas of how to change our lives and our thinking to improve our mental state. They did a free taster to show the kind of resources they have to offer. After signing up on their Instagram page, they sent me an email containing a talk with Paul McKenna entitled Heal Stress and Gain Inner Peace.

Paul stated that stress at work is the most commonly experienced stress, something I am sure we can all relate to. Paul talked about changing the way you work to increase your effectiveness. ‘Working smart’ is when you work hard for a period of time and then take rest time, using this time to recharge your batteries and recover. He believes more can be accomplished by working in short, sharp bursts.

Paul acknowledged that stress can sometimes be a good thing if it is used correctly. There is a ‘sweet spot’ where experiencing stress can induce the release of adrenaline, which is the same as when you are getting excited and gives you drive to perform, much like live performers and sports stars experience during concerts and matches. But the stress and adrenaline need to be controlled so it can fuel your need to perform at your best, rather than blind you into not being able to focus on what needs to be done.

Paul also shared a psycho sensory technique that anyone can do to themselves to calm yourself when stress is getting the better of you. He talked about trying to counteract the rising feeling of panic that can often lead to panic attacks.

Havening Technique

  • Sit somewhere comfortable and close your eyes.
  • Start to stroke the sides of your upper arms with your hands with a comfortable amount of force.
  • Clear your mind of thoughts, especially what is causing you stress.
  • Count to 20, starting off quickly then slowing down, stroking your upper arms in time with your counts.
  • For the first lot of 20, think about walking along the beach, your steps will be slow in the sand.
  • For the second count to 20, think about walking in a beautiful garden that is warm with sunlight.
  • For the last lot of 20 counts, imagine walking down a big staircase in time with your counts.
  • Take a deep breath and when you are ready open your eyes.

This is definitely a technique that I am going to try when I can feel a panic attack coming on. I would love to hear from you if you find it beneficial too.

I really enjoyed listening to Paul McKenna’s talk. I know his name as one of the most successful psychologists of the current time but I had never listened to him speak before. He mentioned some other mindfulness techniques that I will be investigating further too. They were the TFT tapping technique, Systematic Relaxation techniques and the Energy Audit exercise.

Fingers crossed this helps someone reading this.

Stay safe,

Sarah x