About Me

Hi everyone, these are just a few facts about me.

Name: Sarah

Age: 27

Location: Usually at my desk with my laptop, or at my local sandwich shop, Manchester.


Career: 2014-Present: Dream Pursuer, Writer, Crafter, Photographer.

2008-2014: Nursery Teacher.

2001-2008: Trying to navigate my teenage years.


Life Ambitions: To be a published children’s author,

To set up my own charity to help teenagers struggling with depression and anxiety,

To have one person tell me I have helped them in one way or another,

To own a Fujifilm X-T1…one day I will have enough money to buy one!

To be able to help out financially at Belle Vue Speedway,

To eat my weight in Nutella…


Likes: Writing stories for Instagram, Football, Eating out with my friends, Chocolate, Taking pictures, TGI Fridays, Live music, Vimto, pretty much anything written by David Croft and Jimmy Perry.

Dislikes: Being cold, Not being able to eat what I want without gaining weight, How much it rains in England, When people refer to the main character in Doctor Who as ‘Doctor Who’ (he is not Mr Who who gained a doctorate, he is the Doctor!), When bands come on late at gigs, Exercise…


Quick Fire Round:

Favourite TV Show: Doctor Who, Big Bang Theory, QI, Great British Bake Off…I watch a lot of DVD boxsets…

Favourite Food: JD ribs from TGI Fridays.

Favourite Film: Ocean’s 11 and Pitch Perfect.

Favourite Possession: My Phone.

Favourite App: Instagram.

Favourite Crafting Products: Stampin Up!

Favourite Ice Cream Flavour: Cookies and Cream.

Favourite City: Cardiff.

Favourite Youtuber: Carrie Hope Fletcher, check her out, she is amazing.

Favourite thing to do with a spare hour: Painting my nails.

Thanks for reading!